Step #2: Promotion

Within 365 days of your subscription, you will have to promote the program to at least 3 people from your environment, who will have to register on your behalf, namely to register you as a sponsor.

Each person that joins and declares you as a sponsor will be displayed immediately after the completion of registration in your network tree form, which will then expand in the following manner:

The first 3 people who will enroll to your network will appear as direct successors under your nickname, but all subsequent enrollements will "overflow" from the bottom of the first 3 successors to the next level (like grandchildren) while maintaining the same limit. The choice of the position to be displayed depends on the already registered at this level.The one that has fewer sucessors with be preferred and in case of a tie the oldest will be preferred.

Therefore each subscriber has maximum 3 successors either written by him as a sponsor, either written by a sponsor and "overflowed" you to exceed the limit. This method is called Spill Over 3 X 3.

Each subscriber is displayed under someone else who can be his sponsor but he might also not be.In the event that he is not his sponsor then we call him his guardian. Each subscriber has, therefore, a sponsor and a guardian who may be the same person. The tree that finally appears on the website is of the guardians, in which the subscriber’s nickname appears in a small box under the sobriquet of his sponsor.

For a better visual display, you name appears at the top of the tree and every person in your network, who has you as a sponsor are displayed in green while all the others who have a different sponsor appear in blue.

In case you miss the period of 365 days and fail to register 3 subscribers, your subscription will be automatically terminated. The obligation of 3 per subscriber is perpetual and one of the key terms and conditions of the program. That is even if you initially write 3 subscribers, but then one of them terminates their subscription you will have 365 days to cover up for this position.

It is therefore in your best interest to promote the program to as many as you can. Firstly you have to reserve subscribers to avoid danger from the limit of 3) and secondly because your network grows, with all that this entails.

Monitoring your network is via your personal page, in real time. You will know at any time how many have subscribed on your behalf, on their part, and so on. If your account is in danger, you will receive an informational email.

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