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Information collected automatically when browsing Vitamicell juice pages, and the data you enter in the optional contact forms and / or registration, are used only by us and are not made public or in any way moving to third parties, unless imposed by juridicial decision to end from the competent authorities only. Storage and processing of your personal data is in accordance with the applicable provisions of both the Greek (Law 2472/1997) and European legislation.


Like all interactive sites on the web, so is Vitamicell Juice, uses cookies to identify visitors. It is on one side the only way our server to remember your preferences (such as, for example, language) and your shopping cart, and on the other to browse other pages seamlessly without being asked your name and your password each time, if you are a registered user.

If you wish, you can set your browser not to accept cookies from our website.


Access and use of our pages is recorded in special files called access logs. Specifically, the IP address, the type of browser (user agent), date and time of application as well as the specific URL (page, graphic, file, etc) that you have requested. This is an automated process determined by the http protocol, and applies to all servers in the web and sites you visit. Through this information, first check we check the proper operation of the site, and second we extract valuable traffic statistics for us.

These logs have a limited lifespan, and at regular intervals (usually of 1 month) are categorized and deleted. What is retained is the total statistically motion picture from which the original individual connections cannot be extracted.

In addition to the above standard information, our site uses JavaScript to output your local time and your screen resolution. These elements participate in the same way in the statistics described (i.e., collectively and not individually) and also help us make our site friendlier. As in the case of cookies, you can - if you wish - to disable JavaScript.


Regarding the contact form, you should be aware that the same apply as for e-mails. Essentially, this form does nothing more other than sending an email to the site, as you would if you used your email program to send a message. Your message is likely to be kept as is on our server for future reference, depending on its topic, possible answer from our part, etc. No further processing is done. Your email address is considered strictly private and not publicized anywhere and to anyone. Also, you will never receive a message of ours without first request or authorized it.

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