The promotional and rewarding Vitamicell program

The company rewards you and returns 50%!

The traditional promoting (marketing) model of the product, from the producer to the consumer, includes:

  • A targeted advertisment campaign, as well as
  • A retailers network (Whole sale dealers)

As a natural consequence, a substancial percentage of the product's turnover is destributed among third parties. We believe that is more preferable to be destributed among those of immediate interest.

That's why, in the case Vitamicell juice we choose immediate destribution and “word to mouth” promotion. The deductible cost of advertising and wholesale, instead of entering the company's fund or reducing the final price of the product, is distributed to our consumers - promoters as a reward (or informal commission if you prefer), thus acting as an additional financial incentive buy.

In a few words, the money we would give to advertisers and resellers, we give to you!

In the following pages we describe in detail how this system works:

  • Step #1: Sign up
    Your participation in the Vitamicell program is in the form of a monthly subscription. By registering in the system:
  • Step #2: Promotion
    Within 365 days of your subscription, you will have to promote the program to at least 3 people from your environment, who will …
  • Step #3:Reward
    For each subscriber that is written on your behalf and on behalf of them and their subscribers, you earn commission on a monthly basis in …
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