Step #1: Sign up

Your participation in the Vitamicell program is in the form of a monthly subscription. By registering in the system:

  1. You assume the obligation of purchasing 2 packages of 30 pieces of Vitamicell juice per month (it will be sent by courier or mail, every month).
    The cost of each package is 33,00 € (including VAT and delivery charges).
  2. You now need to make a minimum of 3 subscriptions on your behalf, as described in the promotion paragraph.
  3. You then gain the right to get commission for each subscription performed on your behalf, and on behalf of them and their subscriptions through a process that is analysed in detail in the rewarding paragraph.

The cost of subscription is €66 per month, and corresponds to the market price of the product. There is an additional yearly cost of €15, relating to the operational costs of maintaining your account. Therefore:

  • During registration, fee will be 66 + 15 = 81 Euros relating to the shipment of the product of that month (including shipping costs) and covers the first year of participation.
  • For the next 11 months you will be charged 66 Euros per month for the product you purchase (including shipping cost).
  • The charging to your visa card and shipping of the product will be at the basis of ten days period from your registration date. I.e. if you have signed up from 11 to 20 of the month, then the repetitive billing and shipping will be always in the second ten days of each month.
  • Next year the annual charge of 81 euros will be charged, etc.

If you are allowed commission, then it will be counterbalanced and
    •  If your commision is greater than the cost then your card will not be charged
    •  If your commission is less then the difference will be charged.

Your registration is done electronically (online), by completing and submitting a form with - inevitably - a lot of personal data concerning shipping address, credit card and a bank account in which a deposit of your commission will be made. Pay special attention to the fields of usernames (nicknames), both your own and of your sponsor. This is very important because the system is automated and if you give the wrong sponsors name this cannot be corrected and generally there is no access to the network setup by human hand.

  • As a sponsor we mean the Member/subscriber who recommends/promotes the program to someone who is written on behalf of him (filling the corresponding username)
  • You will give your username to those who you are promoting the program to, which are written on your behalf.

Consequently, your username is of your choice, and it should not correspond to an existing subscriber, in contrast to the username of your sponsor, which should correspond to an existing subscriber.

Activation of your account

Immediately after registering, you will receive an email regarding the activation of your account. The activation is simply done by following the link contained in this email. This process is necessary so that we can make sure that the address you provide is real and accessible from our server.

After activation, you will be able to use the username / password you selected to login to the system. By loging-in, you can access your personal page, through which you can track the progress of your network (total number of subscribers for whom you qualify for commission) and take action on your account.


You can cancel your subscription whenever you wish, simply by clicking the relevant link which you'll find on your personal page. The termination is immediate, definitive and irreversible!

No charge will be made to your credit card after you cancel your subscription. If it has been preceded by a charge for which you have not yet received the product, you will receive it as scheduled.

With the termination of your subscription, your commissions will also be terminated

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