Step #3:Reward


For each subscriber that is written on your behalf and on behalf of them and their subscribers, you earn commission on a monthly basis in accordance with a 7 levels table of a profit-based system Spill over 3 X 3.

Cycle Members Commission Value Total
13x10=3030 €
29x4=3666 €
327x3=81147 €
481x3=243390 €
5243x3=7291.119 €
6729x4=2.9164.035 €
72187x5=10.93514.970 €

To make the table more understandable, let's assume that you have already launched the program to 3 people you know who were written by you (i.e., declaring you as a contractor). In the figure below, User1 is you, while User2, User3 User4 and are the people you know:


According to the commission table you are entitled to 3x10=30 euro per month. You have already reduced the cost of your subscription to about half!

Suppose, now, that the first 3 people you enroll fulfill the basic rule of the program, promoting the program in their own circle, so each of them register 3 subscribers each. Your network will be as follows:


According to the commission table, your members are then entitled to 30 euros per month each. But you are entitled the 30 euros from the first level and 36 euros from the second level, Total 66 euros. You have already eliminated the cost of your subscription! I.e. your monthly obligation to buy 2 packs of vitamicell juice, your visa card will no longer be charged while you will receive your 2 vitamicell juice packages as scheduled.

With the same way, when User5 to User13 enroll people from their own circle, you will have completed the third level and qualify for 147 euros per month.

Maximum commission per subscriber amounts to 14.970 euro per month, which is equivalent to 10 completed levels, irrespective of the further expansion of your network.

It is not necessary to complete the levels to be eligible to receive commission. As mentioned at the beginning of the page, you collect "... for each subscriber that is enrolled on your behalf and on behalf of those and their subscribers ...ยป.


If you manage to complete three or more levels in your network within a certain amound of days from your signing up, then you are entitled to extra Bonus. You can find more details about the various Bonuses we give and the way to achieve them in our News - Bonus section on top of the page.


The clearance of the accounts and shipments of goods are made as followed:

  • in the 1st 10day period each month, for signing-ups from 1 to 10 of the first month
  • in the 2nd 10day period each month, for signing-ups from 11 to 20 of the first month
  • in the 3rd 10day period each month, for signing-ups from 21 to the end of the first month

Commissions are always based on proved revenue. Commissions that correspond to subscribers, who fail to fulfill their contractual obligations as mentioned in the terms and conditions, are not paid.

Via your personal page you have a complete picture and updates on these processes.

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